A Bad Day For This House

Broken axles = grid-locked traffic. . .


Is that how you do so many inspections every day Jeff? Instead of you driving all over, you have them delivered to you…:mrgreen:

I had to go and find this one to stay on schedule. . . :wink:

Jeff, isn’t that you and your team inspecting the foundation??? Just kiddin’ . . . did the grid lock put you behind schedule? . . . I thank the Lord everyday, my area rush hour last about 10 minutes and most of the time if it last longer, it’s a finder binder and we go from 10 minutes to 20.

No, I wasn’t late. The house was North-bound and I was traveling South.

It was on the news last night. Apparently, it hit the previous over-pass, which took off part of the roof and broke the trailer axle. 3 of 4 lanes were closed for about six hours, through the heart of Hollywood, on the 101 fwy.

Where is this house located? Jay Leno just started his monologue out tonight with a joke saying

“Have you seen this house stuck out on the 101 freeway? It seems this guy is trying to go from Santa Monica to the valley. Well, all of the sudden the trailer collapses and dumps it right on the freeway. You know what they should do? Convert it into a drivethru rehab center.” Celebrities could get drunk, pull in get rehab, drive right thru, and be on their way. " :smiley:

Ahh the majic of dvr.

If it’s the same house that is too funny that you caught of a picture of it.

Yep. That was it (see my previous post), North-bound 101 - Hollywood CA. . .