A Beam that has twisted supporting a deck...need advice

The deck is bolted to the house. The columns are in good condition.
The supporting beam has a serious twist in it. The deck feels secure.
Should this be written up as…stay off until repaired?

It looks like the joists and the beam are too small but I don’t know the total size of the deck etc. Is the beam twisted or just offset or both? Looks like enough of an issue to recommend a deck specilalist.

I’d have a structural engineer comment. I see no diagonal framing or bracing installed. NACHI has a deck course you should look at.

Post supports are spanned to far, no diagonal bracing, unable to determine span of joist however most 2x6 joist should not span more than 8 ft; 2x8 spans around 12 ft depending on species.
Pressure treated material often will twist / warp.
I am sure there is quite a few other issues that we can not observe…

A licensed GC should evaluate the deck.