A Bear of an inspection

This was a bear of an inspection




I’m a city boy!! The little one came up behind me and rubbed my leg. Scared the brown stuff out of me. When MOM showed up she was not happy. We gave them all the room they wanted.

3 DSC08890.JPG

4 DSC08904.JPG

1 DSC08885.JPG

If this happened to my I would not be able to type for days. I would have to throw away my shorts.

At first i thought it was the owners dog and i reached down and petted it. :shock: :shock: My shorts will never be the same!!!

Henry were you over in the Broadmoor?

Is this what everyone talks about . . . we need to be careful out there? . . . and I thought walking the roof was dangerous . . . and Cral, I arege, but I’m not srue if I’d eevn be albe to tpye aynorme.

That was in Skyway just off Pegasus.

For some reason i never ran into them when i lived in Chicago.

:slight_smile: WOW! If you’re not just pulling our leggs, that’s amazing!

Its true. I’m still washing out my shorts.

It’s worth a new pair, just to be able to tell the story.:slight_smile: Thank God no one actually was hurt.

Henry in NH we charge a extra fee for bear inspection!!!

glad your ok ma & cubs oh boy

If you would like to see more pictures of the Bears I put them on my site at

Henry, you should have let the Mama Bear smell the back of your hand. You know, to reassure her. :mrgreen: Works for me with dogs almost every time.

Fantistic photos Henry.

Were they a deal killer?