A Bi Is Needed

My little town of Frostproof Florida is in need of a BI for the city.

The pay will not be much and the work load is real light. We build maybe three new homes a year but we are expanding.

You would be the complete department

If interested give me a call and I will get you the information

Richard Bennett
863 635-5741

OH - a Building Inspector!

When I saw the title, I thought maybe you could contact RR for a lead!:wink:

To the best of my knowledge Gay does not mean Bi but I could be wrong. The extent of my knowledge on the subject generally ends at Straight. :smiley:

Sexual oraintation is not the question and should never be

RR is the best in my book and if he wants to relocate to Frostproof I would put him and any of his friends up as long as they wanted to stay

But we are looking for a Building Inspector for the city


Have a good day and someone give me a call



Might be time to get some CE on the subject – some of us have lead a very sheltered life – speaking for my self of course


Unless you are planning on having sex with that person. Hmmm…;-):smiley:

With only three builds per year the person getting the job should plan on some other things to do, like having sex perhaps…and lots of it. Oh yes, and maybe something else to make some money. Combining the three might work. Eureka! :idea:

I do think that Joseph said something like RR rocks my world. Double Hmmm…

Maybe the BI comment was a Freudian slip. :smiley: Triple Hmmm…

This is the most disgusting, vile thread hi-jacking I’ve seen in a long while and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Let’s get back on topic you guys! Now, can someone give me a code reference that states a bi-female is OK (acutally even encouraged) and a bi-male is prohibited or is this just left up to the discretion of the AHJ? Thank you.

I’m not even gonna ask what CE stands for.

It translates into “Richard seeks continueing education on alternative lifestyles” :cool:

Whatever floats his boat I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a bi newsletter:shock:

Sure, that too!