A BIG Thank You To Will Decker

Will took the time to drive down from Chicago to Lancaster Ohio Friday night, to help me out with a mystery roof water leak that no one else could seem to be able to locate. Plus I got to check out his IR camera at work. Will found where the water was coming in and instructed the women to what she needed to do to fix the problem. Thanks again Will for all your help and I am looking forward to getting you scheduled for training classes for the Ohnachi chapter. :smiley:

That’s why Will is a member of the year recipient!!

I hope he posts those pics.
Did you get a copy Mark.?

Walking tall with a big heart to-boot.

What else could one ask for. :slight_smile: :smiley:


You could ask for one of his orange shirts and make a pup tent.:mrgreen:

The head of the Kaplan HI Schools said he has never
see the comradeship of the NACHI family to each other. He
said he has not seen the level of brotherhood and helpfulness
in any of the other HI associations.

NACHI’s greatest benefit is its members attitudes of being
so helpful to each other IMHO

Thanks Will. You never fail to impress. :slight_smile:

I am convinced Will has a gift that is rare these days and it is just goodness in many forms.

Na, just wanted to get away from the wife and kids for a weekend :mrgreen: . Being the only guy in a household full of females can drive one to do some pretty drastic things. :wink:

Just a update on this thread… Shelly the women that Will and I inspected her roof for called me today. She told me that the roofer that I had referred her to stopped by and gave her a estimate to make the repairs. She was shocked. Her friend sent out her roofer who gave her an estimate of $ 875.00. My guy who I sent gave her a estimate of $450.00. She said that she politely asked him why he was so much cheaper than the other guy? Henry stated that for one! He is only charging her for what she needs. 2nd. Because I referred him for the estimate. If he charged her to much he would hear from me. :mrgreen: Shelly showed him Wills report of what he found, and the estimate from the other roofer. She is also very happy the he gave her phone numbers of past clients to call for references. The other roofer did not. He also gave her a warranty, the other did not. So remeber people, good deeds and work do pay out in the long run. Thanks again Will for your help with this problem.

Being successful is not measured by how much education you have or don’t have; its measured by your ability to surround yourself with people that are successful and be humble enough to admit that no one person in his self can or should be expected to know all,

I too like Will Decker felt like I was in an alligator pit up to my eye brows in Corp America and stepped away.

With a brotherhood like NACHI you can always be surrounded by someone that knows more than yourself and is willing to share.

Way to go Will

. . . this is why I love this board . . . I’m being taught by great men and women, willing to share and become better for it!

Unfortunately, you have to suffer through stupid puns, allusions and triple entandras to do so.

But then, as my Dad used to say:

“Life’s tough, then you marry one.” :mrgreen:

Are you sure that’s what he said?:wink:

I didn’t hear it quite the same way.:D:D

Yeah, That’s what he said. Dad was wise (and Mom WAS tough), (and so is my wife, bless her, dear L-rd).

G-d gives wives to us to be iron on iron.

He is good, that way.:shock:

AHH…like that one…:twisted: