a bit off topic...

ill try to make this short and quick. my neighbor owns a heating, ac, refrigeration business and his backyard has a become a holding area for many old furnaces, AC units, and whatever other job waste he happens to toss back there. all of this, right next to their swimming pool.

the neighbor is such an arrogant person, theres really no talking to him. i really dont think such business practice is good for the environment and before i go to the city, i just wanted to get any advice i could before hand. if this isnt standard business practice, i would like to know what he, or even me, should do to handle the situation correctly.

if anybody has anything for me, i would definetely appreciate it.

If one is in any service oriented business it is not advisable to leave bad impressions with anyone neighbor or not people that operate a business in that manner generally do not stay in business long. If talking to them is not feasible the only alternative is to contact the city and see what city rules apply. Geez that is why I live in the country;-);-):D:D

Pictures take lots of pictures ,Set camara so date is on them .
I expect your area has a bylaw officer talk to him first and follow his sugestion.
Notes take lots of notes .
Please keep us posted . … Roy

i hate to throw anybody under the bus, but these days i have much more respect for the environment and nature then i do for most people. he also throws his business debris on the curb for trash pickup and after people dig through the stuff for scrap metals and whatnot, the mess starts making it way down the street.

whats the right way a business should handle a situation like this, because surely it doesnt seem right to fill your mothers backyard with all of this waste?

there are a couple of issues with running a business like this from home.
normally you need a business license from the city/county to operate a home business, and typically not all business types are approved for residential settings.
another issue or way to approach the debris problem is county or city codes. most city/county codes also have property maintenance and/or health/safety requirements that must be met (general up keep, etc).
like others have already mentioned, pictures and notes are a must.

William I think you have two posts above that is good Info.
Start with your City and the Bylaw officer .
They deal with this stuff all the time .
This is above my helping you I am a home Inspector.