A bit warm

In the attic yesterday I was climbing down through the trusses and saw the back of this electrical panel big enough to be a 200 amp service and I am thinking Crap what is this panel doing this very small attic did I miss something I had already removed a dead front on a 200 amp service in the home then I crawled around to the front of the panel and said thank you Lord for small favors

Just a big junction box I can not imagine why someone would put the original panel up in a tight fitting attic that you had to crawl to get to the breakers

Could it be a junction box when rewiring has been done?
I have seen that on several homes where the distribution panel was moved and instead of using the existing panel as a junction box, they removed it and then just extended all of the wires from a junction box in the attic.

I did not pull that tape off, this home was total ele and had been added on to I think the attic panel was the original and they just installed a new panel below where this attic panel was installed and just jumpered the wires

You didn’t remove the cover? I’m sure Gary would have!!! :shock:

Gary who???:stuck_out_tongue:

So, Gary removes electrical panel cover’s but does not climb steep roof and Charley climbs steep roof but doesn’t remove electrical panel cover’s, hum…

I think they should associate!

Marcel you will just get into trouble with all that heavy thinking, with the attic above 120 degees why would any reasonable person want to look at a bunch of splices???