A box cover can fall off and become a defect

Please see the image and NECH information document.

My picture shows what the defect is because the 8/32 screws will allow the cover to fall off if they were loose.

Just a pointer, I have not seen this topic discussed here in the past.

Thanks, Joe.

What cover CAN fall off and not be a hazard?

the one in the other room, where i’m NOT.:mrgreen:

**Greg: Re name the title of this thread to: **

**“Exposed Surface Extensions” :slight_smile: **

See the exception, it calls for a specific installation, and does not permit cable assemblies, such as BX.

**"314.22 Exposed Surface Extensions

**Surface extensions from a flush-mounted box shall be made by mounting and mechanically securing an extension ring over the flush box. Equipment grounding and bonding shall be in accordance with Article 250.
Exception: A surface extension shall be permitted to be made from the cover of a flush-mounted box where the cover is designed so it is unlikely to fall off or be removed if its securing means becomes loose. The wiring method shall be flexible for a length sufficient to permit removal of the cover and provide access to the box interior, and arranged so that any bonding or grounding continuity is independent of the connection between the box and cover."

That looked like Greenfield to me, based on the connector. I would need to see more about what was in the raceway and how it was terminated at the other end before I ruled on the bonding issue. If this was bonded at the other end and there is an EGC in the raceway I might have to say it was OK.