A Broker Refusal

I’m asking all inspectors if they have ever had a broker of a real estate office refuse to use your services and advertise with them unless you had a $1,000,000 E & O insurance policy. She also wanted a copy of it for proof to put in her files. I stated that I have met all the requirments for the state board for my insurance and that I held a $500,000 policy. I thought this was odd to be bias towards me but I was in wonder and unsure. Please tell me if this was wrong. Thanks everyone.

I once had a Broker tell me she liked to “share” her liability with the home inspector’s E & O (that to me sounded like she was gonna throw the inspector under the bus)…I have never done one inspection for her or her office…Ironically I did later inspect her personal home for a buyer though… had a great time doing it too.

A requirement above State Licensing Requirements is Unreasonable
Ask the Broker how far their E&O exceeds that State Minimum Requirement…
Than ask for a faxed copy…

I had a broker ban me lolol

Why in the hell would you want to advertise with a Broker?

You do not even have a website dude.

A broker’s recommendation only goes so far…
Agents are independent contractors
just like we are…
Referrals will flow
based upon their sales and claim experience…

How so?

I agree
A business has a right to endorse others based on any requirements they wish.

No matter how much we hate the idea ,freedom/capitalism means allowing all individuals and business owners(sole prop or not) to have the freedom to benefit from their endorsements.

We thrive on who we network with on a personal level as well as a business level.
Did that make sense???

(just remember that sometimes we lose)
Life is not subject to total fairness.


I routinely am asked to provide G&L to Insured for $ 2 - 5 Million
where the State of PA requires only $50,000.

When requested, my underwriter faxes them a certificate…

So Yes, They may request…
I have always placed my business to be in a position to provide…
I have not had any worries…

You won’t get listed with any of the bigger outfits in this area without E&O.