A bunch of inspection books to the 9th poster courtesy of Barry Adair.

We are going to ship a bunch of inspection textbooks http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/books-articles-and-education.aspx to the 9th poster as per Barry Adair’s request.

9th poster wins!

Thanks Nick and Barry,

I hope to be #1 and #9

Kind Regards,

Ed Rossi, CMI
Certified Master Inspector
FL Certified Home Inspector HI-1583


I’ll pass but thanks Barry!

Way to go Barry. YOU are the best


Hoping this is Nine

Ed Rossi, CMI

Barry has always been the man. Nice going buddy. :slight_smile:


Nice Barry. :slight_smile:


Day late and a dollar short

Ed Rossi, CMI

Hope I am it

Was that 9 after your post, I think it should be…,

Marcel wins. Shipping tomorrow.

Nick, I have a bunch of books already, please send to the next poster.

Tim above post. :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you Marcel. A very generous and kind thing to do. I would be tickled just to borrow them from you.

Tim scores with assist from Marcel. Shipping tomorrow.

Many thanks to Barry and Marcel.

Thanks should go to Barry, Tim. Barry is a very nice guy and a friend.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Two of my favorite people on these boards playing it forward with class. Kudos to Barry and Marcel.

with blocked posters, I am number # 9