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So your goal here is to have everyone working for your parents as you preach consolidation to the filthy masses.
Smart, hmmm very smart.
Win, Win.
After all most guys get into this with the goal of others telling them what to do and how to do it.
Never realized inspection field was so full of Democrats before.

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Bob, my hope for you is for you to get to being the head of your multi inspector firm so you can see what you’ve been missing out on all these years.

Never going to happen.
I prefer the model of loose partnership in my future .

I could see starting a HIP Chicago associates or Master Inspection group but never want to force anyone to do it my way and lose all the potential creativity being a control freak.

Hmmmmm maybe just maybe…:shock:

“something special”](http://councilofmen.org/)

I’m probably just old school, but if I heard anyone tell me their report had 200 pictures, I’d automatically assume the inspector didn’t have a clue what he / she was doing SO tried to snowball everybody by overloading the report with pics.

The doorknob on front door is loose (see Pic #1)
The ONLY toilet in the master bath leaks at the base (see Pic #2)
Etc, Etc, Etc

I would say you are old school because with modern tech I assume anyone not taking at least 200 is afraid they missed something and most likely provides little detail to the client.

But then you are not doing 120 year old places with crawls,mold,attics with cracked rafters,knob and tube wiring,sagging beams,rotted window framing,mini breakers (not allowed) small gauge wiring ,open junction boxes everywhere,mouse droppings to crawl through,deteriorated chimneys,hidden roof layers,water seeping through stone and rough aggregate,returns in kitchens,subpanels plastered over and that is just the first hour today.

If you can get away with a checklist more power to you.

Me ,I actually work for a living and proud of it.

I took literally 600 pictures today and at least 80% are issue related.

My client requested extra shots from one year ago because they remodeled and he want to see all the old issues on the foundation.

I have them and will comply.

Lol Dan said what everyone is thinking.

Who is everyone Juan.
Ben Gromicko takes at least 300 himself.
How long you been inspecting again ?

You are talking out your rear.

Spend less time marketing and more learning inspection then you will be a good Inspector.

No ones talking about the number of pictures a person takes.

Oh in the report…never mind…:roll:

Nothing to see here,keep moving people,what you lookin at ? Feel like seeing the inside of a cell.Move along.

Bob’s probably right in a way.

I just do homes under 10 years old, so don’t run into things like knob & tube wiring (whatever that is); mold (the black stuff right); cracked rafters (I bet u had to be in the attic to see that right & since I don’t do attics that would explain that);
mini-breakers not allowed (not sure what a mini breaker is / NEVER heard the terminology); moving foundations (we don’t have any of that in KC).

So I can certainly see how we take less pictures.

I went back over last 2 weeks and looked at our jobs and took 6 to use as examples:

a) 14 year old house … 9,300sf with EIFS … 87 pics

b) 34 year old house … 4,900sf … 74 pics

c) 23 year old house w/crawlspace … 7,350sf … 111 pics

d) 17 year old house … 6,100sf … 61 pics

e) 58 year old commercial bldg … 10,200sf … 77 pics

f) 87 year old house w/cellar … 1,550sf … 52 pics

Have no clue what this says BUT…

Well Ben is at the extreme end of the picture taking in my mind. I would have to say that over 200 would need to be a very bad home and even the 120 year old homes here have only been close to 200 pictures.
If I was in the position of Bob and some of the pictures I have seen on his report I would be clear up to 300 also.

One other thing I don’t remember seeing on here regarding pictures:

IMHO … I don’t make a habit of filling my reports with useless pics.

Example … The master bath toilet is loose at floor. Repair as needed.

There is only 1 master bath AND only 1 toilet in there AND my pic won’t show its loose, SO most of the time I would NOT waste a pic on that.

Other inspectors would.

But photos are pretty

One thing I notice is whatever method guys use including the run through extreme random sampling guys is consistency in presentation good or bad and that includes picture out.

If you are using pictures for notes it is asinine to ramble on as if they are not needed because nothing in the world is more boring than dry text which also affects comprehension.

I say if anyone doubts me put your money where your mouth is and remove all images from your site?

Next time you have a inspection question here and all the guys ask for a pic shot just tell them it fluff.
Personally I find it strange guys with checklist styles and few shots make it a point to grouch and complain as it looks as if they feel threatened.

Only nice pictures in my report are the ones that should be in a report. LOL