A/C compressors in Chicago

Got an e-mail from an old client:

"Will… quick question for you…

Back in 2006, we had our air conditioner go out. We called “Affordable Heating and Cooling” to install a new Bryant air conditioner. It just came to our attention that the unit they installed in 2006 was manufactured in 1995. Is that normal? Should I expect any problems due to the age if it wasn’t being used for those 11 years? Is it still under any manufacturer’s warranty?"

Then there is this news story from today:

It was common in the Chicago area, during the building boom, for contractors to “steal” A/C compressors from houses that were not sold or foreclosed and “re-use” them.

That’s why I always check the model and serial numbers and determine the age of the compressor, furnace and the appliances.

Hope this helps;

Explains all the foreclosures with missing units.

were recording Model and Serial #'s
for all units
shipped to larger tract builders (Toll Brothers, Pulte, NVHomes, etc…)
for this reason

Have the Client contact the manufacturer
they may find
their new HVAC is a stolen unit…

No applicable warranties afforded to Stolen or Salvaged units that I am aware of…

Here’s the newest on this: