A/C condenser and circuit size

Today’s inspection has me puzzled a bit on this.

The service panel legend was incomplete. I noticed that the only 2 double circuits are in the panel. One was determined to be for electric stove, leading me to believe that this one pictured might be for the A/C. If so, according to the other picture of data plate, the circuit is “over-amped”. I am thinking the service conductor is 10g, and that is ok on 30 amp, correct?

Thanks for help all.

What kind of disconnect was present on the outside?

Disconnect outside was within a hard to open box. Are you asking rating on that?

Sure. If it is a 20 amp fusible disconnect, the label requirements are met.

Gotcha. Going to have to refer “consult a qualified electrician” on this one. Obvious label, not readable.


You would need to open it to see if it contained 15 or 20 amp fuses the label doesn’t mean much. “Double circuit” breakers are called multipole or 2 pole CB’s

Yep. Part of the job.

I could not open it.

Thanks a bunch guys!! Have a great weekend!

Here is a little video that may be of assistance.


Wow! That guy is pretty good. I wonder if we can get him to post here.

It is supposed to be accessible.

Should be…its public. Maybe it was still rendering…anyway should be live.

Heck No…He is a HACK!

We love Hacks… Hack away Paul. :smiley: