A/C subpanel

Can someone tell me is this is correct? Not sure why the neutral is wire nut’d?

MAY 009 (Small).jpg

Looks like the flex conduit is being used for the ground.
I would recommend the white wire be grounded on each end also for this compressor unit.
Also it looks like the thermostat wire is passing through this box, not good.

What is this feeding it looks to me like it could be a 240 volt circuit .
Can not see where the ground goes from the flex is it fastened to the box.
if this is a 240 volt circuit the installer should have used two Blacks or at least Blacked taped the white wire .
The out going if it is 240 volt more then likely does not require a neutral and put on a wire nut to isolate it from the box . need more information .
Did you see if the white with the black was hot . Could this be going to an AC unit . Roy Cooke Sr.

This looks like and old A/C disconnect. The A/C probably does not require a neutral conductor, so it is terminated in a wire nut (which is properly done). Bruce’s pickup that the Tstat wiring is installed with the power conductors shows a keen eye… it is not permitted 725.55.
There is also a KO missing, a good opening for mice and other critters to enter the enclosure.

The sealtight looks as though it is used as an equipment ground path, that would require a 3/4 or larger LFMC.