A/C wireing

I did an inspection today. My question is, can you wire a A/C unit striaght to the service panle breaker? It is not doubled tap either.

Is the service panel in sight and not more than 50? ft away? Dedicated circuit?

I don’t know for sure either…other than what i wrote above…

The panel is in sight, about 6 ft. away

The panel you are referring to is LSE (Sub panel). Yes, this should be wired directly. Make sure the breaker is appropriately sized.

Huh? You have ESP and XRay vision? :wink:

He may or may not be talking about the main service panel eh?

Barron, is best to take a pic…

in ohio a service disconect must be with in arms length

I would like to see the code reference to that. Can you post it?

In most jurisdictions, it doesn’t matter how the disconnect is provided (service panel, load-side panel, switch, breaker, pull-out, etc.) so long as it is in-line-of-sight from the equipment/appliance.

Some jurisdictions specify the distance, in addition to the location, but I’ve never seen “arms length” in a code reference.

It’s an AHJ thing…and you know how they are.

If they don’t know the code they say “arm’s length”.:roll: :roll: :roll:

Ohio use the IBC and IRC?

The IRC says. . .