A caller wants to know, is waterproofing PAINT a good idea lolll

ummm, says her son recently bought a house and is playing landscaping games (have fun with that!)

:25 mark She asks, is waterproofing paint that you put on the inside of block walls a good idea? got milk? lol

he responds, in part, waterproofing paint is not really waterproofing paint because if you have a water problem it’s still gonna find it’s way through… THEN immediately says, ‘That is a GOOD part of an overall water management solution…’

What? hahahhaaa smh, one minute he says, the paint is not really waterproofing paint and the water will still find it’s way through and then adds, it is a good part of an overall water management solution!!

wowzers, hmm, okay Tom lollll

and then of course he rolls into his supposed 100% solutions, grading and gutters etc.

She says, okay that makes sense lolllll, really? Not to me!!!~!!

The paint isn’t going to fix, repair, waterproof whatever her sons problem (s) turn out to be, NEVER!

Yet again, her son needs on-site exp’d, honest help to find/identify how n where the stupid water is getting in, once you determine that (sometimes need to do a water test), then you’ll have the REAL answer aka solution to the problem (s)

Paint, lol, let’s paint to try n keep, trap water that is getting into blocks walls on the outside, inside the cores of the blocks n let it build up inside the blocks and eventually go into other blocks to the left, right etc… and we’ll play surface water diverting games on the outside, ok sure go ahead lololll

2 videos, 2 callers… NEVER once said to callers… you might have 1 or more cracks on exterior of wall (s)… or bring up the possibility of deteriorated leaky rod holes if the one caller has poured walls. Didin’t tell callers that sometimes water first gets in above ground through tuckpointing, caulking etc needs. Didn’t bring up nor ask about quite a few possibilities, he just goes right into grading n gutters etc

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