A camera that can see through walls

Thermal cameras can not but a microwave camera can.

Perhaps they will be available in the near future.

Oh no, more arguments over cheap cameras. :mrgreen:

Does it fit the iPhone?

Cheap ?..Guess you do not read before posting .

Yes it will fit your favorite iphone Jeff…the iphone 2 you still use.

Oh but I did.
From that site you posted. :wink:

And my post after yours was aimed at Bob’s ‘California’ brother! :razz:

Guess it’s Bobbie that needs to get new glasses.

Perhaps you can explain why you hate the idea of a microwave camera in scientific language for all of us dummies Jeffy…


…and ?

Mine was directed that a way also. :mrgreen:

Actually his last name is Jonas but he was embarrassed and had it changed. Run. Rumor has it you are related to K. W.

Pathetic. :roll:


ha ha …sad but true Ken doll…