A certification that means something

There are thousands of members who never once come here and ***** and moan about their lack of credentials, certifications or levels of competence. When someone uses the term “many have said” that is just BS. There are not that many who even post here, probably less than a 100 on any given period of time. People keep trying to make iNachi into something it isn’t. It is not a certifying authority and if it were, no State is in any way obligated to recognize it. It is a professional Association (look up the word association). It is an excellent resource of good quality training, networking, a place to get some quick answers to questions. If someone wants to get “recognized” for their personal accomplishments or gather up a pile of credentials that mean something, go to fricking school! Go get ICC certified or qualified but quit coming here every six or seven months wanting someone else to do all the hard work, get off you *** and go get it on your own. All those certificates and 74 cents will get you a cup of coffee at the Tom Thumb store. Accept iNachi for what it is, what it has to offer and get over your freaking self. If you want to be successful, DO IT and quit expecting someone or something else to do it for you.

Oh yeah, if you like ASHI so damn much go join them. they got levels or tiers or even a pile of logos.

All any state licensing does is allow you to inspect. All licensing rules, regulations, requirements, and SOP’s are basic. It sets a minimum standard to do the job by. Many inspectors only do minimum basic reports according to their state laws.

NACHI only wants you to do it better. You should, for your client, not for the state.

Those states that are unlicensed are actually free-enterprise states. If you do a good job, you stay in business. Do a lousy job, you will be out of business. States with licensing allows all inspectors to stay in business, so you can pay taxes, write basic reports, and keep agents happy; to heck with the consumers.

Yeah, Bob completes his report prior to doing the inspection.

I didn’t know we had condo inspector licensing. :mrgreen:

We are called the international association of certified home inspectors.

And most people probably don’t post here because when someone trys to share an idea, butt holes like you fire back with angry comments.
Sorry if I like to promote personal growth for myself and others.
I guess you may not like personal growth, so OK I will just give up and go watch another video :smiley:

Sean I commend you for wanting to be all you can be.

But you will find that trying to force change on NACHI without Nick’s agreement is a futile effort.

That is why it is called “personal” growth. Its personal, not a collective. If you want to be certified then go get certified by something that carries weight. You are whining at Nick to “do something” and what I and others have been saying is do it yourself and quit looking at iNachi as the resource to “validate” you. In one post you say ASHI just fools the people then turn right around and want iNachi to be like ASHI and get on the fool the people bandwagon. BTW, I am not angry, this is the way I am when I talk to someone who refuses to accept the facts when they are staring them in the face. Several people have tried to tell you iNachi is NOT that kind of organization, never has been. I love personal growth and I commend you for wanting to get some. I chose to get training that was recognized by my State, but it wasn’t canned SPAM and took years, not some piss ant proctored test that you can take over and over until you manage to pass it and get yet another worthless “certificate”. Go get HVAC and EPA certified. You are simply looking in the wrong place to get validation.

I agree. A lot of people don’t even really know what a home inspection is, let alone what organization is the best or what certifications within all the different organizations are the best. You can have all the certs and fancy tools out there and be put out of business by a new inspector who has marketing skills, social networking skills, and charisma.



LMAO.Sean HOW DARE YOU want something better! To strive for something better! Your just out in left field! Drink the Kool Aide they serve here into a life of mediocrity and ignorance.

In one breath they tell you all associations suck and the next they tell you to get certified in something else and they brag about that. If they ALL suck…then why do the other items?

These people tell you all the organizations are the same and yet only one stands out. Why is that? I will bet 25 times more people and Realtors know that ASHI is a home inspection organization over that of NACHI. So is that the same?

They will then go to tell you ASHI SUCKS and harms the public. And yet they are the most popular name and one many people refer to. Are they better? I think not, but thats just ME. What about buyers, Realtors and Lawyers, they know the name ASHI and then refer to it. You do not have to give a better product to win. You have to give a PERCEIVED better product and the client be satisfied to WIN.

I will put it this way. Lets say for example Sean is a better inspector than me. But when a client calls they have HEARD of me, I have a REPUTATION, REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS refer me and when its over with they think I did great!

But wait SEAN is 100 times better. But they will never know because the never heard of Sean, don’t know what Sean can do, never will see his better product. So in their eyes, I ROCK because they never got to compare me to SEAN…So its not what is fact, it is what is perceived fact that is ALL that matters.

Sean I think you post is dead on, and I know I agree with you. I am a CMI, now what? I have more freaking initials after my name than any Doctor that ever lived!

And did you wait for iNachi to give or provide those initials to you? Hell no. ASHI has done a great job of branding themselves only to shoot themselves in the foot in the latter years. Most people don’t know any more about ASHI than the name, some can’t even pronounce it right but they “heard” something about ASHI and in order to sound smart they throw that name out. Must be different cause around here, no one gives a huge RA what organizations you belong to and in today’s market, you can have credentials stacked in the back of your truck and twenty logos on sides and windows, that isn’t going to get you the jobs. You better have already been out there doing inspections and gotten some kind of reputation for doing good, thorough work without blowing cool blue smoke up everyone’s butt. I know some guys who have priced themselves right out of business. They don’t provide any more than anyone else but charge twice as much. Guess what, they be gone!

Don’t go out seeking credentials just for the sake of having more credentials than your competitor. Do it for the knowledge and skills gained. That will make you a better inspector, not a stack of paper.

I never said I want nachi to be like ashi… And yes i did agree with Jim and say they fool people.
How is doing 250 inspections qualify you?
I used them for an example, because just like Russel stated, even though I may be more qualified, ASHI is more recognized in many areas. That does not mean I don’t enjoy the resources available here.
I am also sorry that a few of you don’t agree. It funny to me, no one seems to like my idea, but more uselss logos keep popping up to try and gain more business. Whos fooling the public?

I personally would think it would be great to have somthing besides just turning in your inspections or doing you open book test. What gives me the right to try and express options to the largest home inspection organization in the country. So much for expecting someone else to do it. Right…
Like I said, you guy are cool with the way things are so I will just go back to watching my videos…

If you can get Nick to go for it, you idea might actually go somewhere. Good luck!

Doug I think that was seans intention. TO BETTER himself. To STRIVE to OBTAIN something that is difficult to obtain. Not just paid for. This is a younger than typical inspector and my bet is that he will own a company that does a Million a year in his days ahead of him.

He is hungry, not afraid of change, looks to better his profession, his company and himself at all times and takes his profits and puts them right back into his company.

So instead of listening, that all people do is NEY SAY, tell him it won’t work and to just keep his mouth shut and do what everyone else does.

He didn’t say start a new organization. He said lets make this one BETTER. God forbid someone say that!

No one cares about organizations you say? Thats not how marketing works my friend. Sorry to tell you. If a NACHI, FABI and ASHI guy were up for a job I would bet that 3 to 1 they would pick ASHI. Because they are better? Nope because they HEARD of them. People do not choose the unknown, they choose something they can relate to and FEEL familiar with.

The Branding they did years ago still lingers strong. Know why? NO ONE HAS TAKEN THEIR PLACE. When there is no other KNOWN choice then you stick with whats out there. If they only KNOW ASHI then they only refer ASHI.

I am not saying in ALL areas of the country. But in many this is the case.

Dude, you obviously don’t get it. Did you read the 3rd post. The one about Kansas CIty? I was personaly told by COldwell Banker here, that since I was not ashi certified the agents would not use me. Many areas have no clue what NACHI is…

My goals are not to seek more credentials than others. Its about passing some kind of true legitimate, 1part, 2part, whatever, for my personal goals and satisfaction. Thats why real certifications have been created in other circles. Kind of like level 1,2 and 3 for thermal imaging.

It does not exist here, or ASHI or anywhere. There is nothing to challenge my knowledge and ability as an inspector. Somthing that should be evaluated by my piers.

Here’s a good one. Check them out.

They are not governed by anyone. A farrier is one of the last unlicensed carriers in the country.
They have a real certification.
A written test
A practical shoeing evaluated by your piers,
and a evaluation on your abilities in the forge.

Now I know this is not home inspecting, but their certification is recognized everywhere, and real certification is respected by all those who have accomplished it.

INACHI is a lot like the land of OZ, when you first arrive here it is a Magical, Wonderous place. As you gather yourself and look around it has many new things to offer.

Once you are here a while and make it to the City of OZ and peak behind the curtain, most of the wonderment dissipates.

And when you talk to the mighty OZ he basically tells you, you have all the power my friend and what you imagined OZ to be is just an illusion.

Enjoy your time here, or don’t.

So, just click your heels together and enjoy the Logo’s

Russell and Sean,
And what everyone is saying is, This is NICK’s club, not ours. We don’t own any stock in it. He created this airline and he gets to pilot it his way for his purposes. If some of that is a benefit to the members, great! If not, then they need to look elsewhere. This business is like baseball, there’s no crying. If someone comes into your business and tries to tell you how to run and what you should be doing with it I am sure you would tell them pretty fast where the door is. For what it provides, iNachi is par none. No one even comes in close. In fact Nick keeps those other guys up nights. But it is NOT a qualifying authority. Truthfully, I doubt there are any for the home inspection business. Personally, I don’t think you ever get truely “qualified” because as soon as you think you know everything there is to know, you get your butt handed to you. There are no experts, there is just too much to know. There are some who are years and miles ahead of the pack.
What I am saying, don’t look to iNachi to either make you or break you as a success in this business. Use the tools and resources available but if awards and credentials are what you are looking for…go someplace else to get some that mean something. But in the big scheme, the phone don’t ring because of how many diplomas you got or as you said, initials behind your name. It is a lean market and you have to be competitive to get your market share. Nachi is only the tool shed, you have to know how to use the tools. The message boards is another whole story. It is little more than a resource centers for quick answers to questions, a place to piss and moan, basically a coffee claque. I am not ready to go out and get my iNachi tattoo yet.
If you want challenges, then challenge yourself. This business for the most part is a one man operation. There are the exceptions but it is still a loner profession. It attracts that kind of individuals. You will drive yourself nutz trying to get your arms around this. As said, there will some brand new knucklehead inspector who just graduated last week who will steal jobs away from you because he is willing to do the jobs for 1/3 of your prices and a fresh new crop every two weeks being churned out by the HI schools. I been at this for 17 years and it has never changed.

I guess your right Doug,
I thought maybe I could share some ideas, but as the saying goes. “I’m doing this chicken, you just hold the head”

GUess I will just sit back and enjoy the flight.

I havent peeked behind the curtin yet. Is it scary?