A Cheap Home Inspector vs a Quality Home Inspection

A humorous look at the difference between a cheap home inspector and a quality home inspector.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnNWn6Jb5Qg :mrgreen:

Oscar worthy performance. :smiley:

That was great!

The greatest home inspector

Haha thats classic!

Well done!

Ian you have to much time on your hands. :stuck_out_tongue: That was funny.

Hay Ian, was Mr. Cheapo your brother? Does he have a SAG card? He was great!

That was awesome! Great job.

Check out part 2 also.

Nice Job on the video Ian.

I must admit I was expecting the cheapo dude to say “gag me with a spoon:cool:

Well done! Love the flashlight.

Marketing one’s business isn’t a result of having too much time, it’s ensuring I stay busy. :wink:

Mc Cheapo is my arch nemesis. He goes around convincing unsuspecting home buyers that a super cheap home inspection is the same as a quality home inspection.

SAG Card? Yes, I do believe he is part of the Scammers After Gullible persons society. :mrgreen:

Ian, isn’t the going rate for a home inspection very high out there in California?

The “got some batteries?” bit was inspired by a true story.

My local utility was offering “free” energy audits. So I said, why not, and signed up, and they sent some guys how. When they set up the duct blower, the blower plugged in, but the controller ran on batteries, and his batteries were dead, so I had to lend the guy batteries to test my ducts. lol.

Even though the cost of real estate in California is much higher, the cost of a home inspection appears to be roughly the same here as anywhere else.


BTW: Great editing on your piece too.

I saw it on twitter early this morning, got me laughing! Good start to a long day. I was thinking throughout the day that you should post it here. Well done!

And thank you for the re-tweet. :slight_smile:

And thank you to everyone else’s kind words! Much appreciated.