A Christmas Tale

Arriving home at twilight
I glanced up at the sky
Hoping to see Saint Nick sailing by
And I don’t mean Gromicko
Although he’s quite quaint
He hasn’t achieved the status of saint
But back to my story of Christmas and me
I’ve decked halls with holly and put up a tree
And even given to charity
So surely there’s something in it for me

Hardly had the thought escaped my mind
When right there on my windshield appeared a star sign
Something indeed had just sailed overhead
To remind me that the spirit of Xmas is not dead
And the next time I find myself ready to whine
I’ll remember that I’ve been blessed with a sign


Very nice indeed…:smiley: BTW, the book is great!

I guess someone did not like your book Keith

I’be been giving to my clients for about two weeks now, and the reponse has been amazing.


I received copies of both books today, and am totally thrilled with them. I’m showing the “Manual for a Happy Home”, to an Insurance Firm (for their possible use) and at upcoming Chapter meetings.

I may have missed the post - but, what is the status of the “Inspect and Protect” book. Price, ordering, etc. Can you fill me in?

Keith I do hope you are not going to be giving them out as Christmas presents to your family! Oakley is looking forward to being in the next edition

Carl, I can see that you’re serious about Oakley becoming famous. However, business is business, right? So, let’s get down to businesss. How much are you willing to pay to have Oakley star in the manual? If we come to terms, I want Oakley’s teeth cleaned until they sparkle, and I want you to teach him how to smile. Image is everthing, and this is not a cheap manual. Seriously, Carl, seasons greetings to you and your family.

John, like everything else, it seems to be taking forever to get the book on a website, but I’ll post info as soon as I have it.

Hey Keith,

Oakley said he can clean his teeth when bites your arse!!! If you do not let him in your book
Thanks for all your help and advice here on MB have a great Christmas and I look forward to bumping into to you and having a beer or 2 or maybe 7 in the New Year

That’s a convincing enough argument for me. Oakley’s in, and my arse remains as it should be, pristine.

OK Keith, I think that all is the information will ever need to know about your arse

Looking forward to ordering Inspect and Protect once you get it on a site :nachi:

Chris, literally, any day now.