A competing message board owner has offered me my own Ask Nick Anything forum.

Should I accept the offer or just do it here?

I feel weird about doing it over on a competing message board when we already operate the inspection industry message board here which commands more than 99% of all industry message board traffic.

I feel weird about doing it here as it seems so pompous.

[size=2]What should I do? [/size]

I say go for it. Might me a good opportunity to silence some critics.

I don’t see it as pompous but as an opportunity for the membership to ask questions of the head of their organization. Why give that to people that are not associated with NACHI and not to your own members?

I would go a step further and not answer any questions that come from non-members. Those are the people that try to cause trouble. Even though you don’t peruse the Members Only section, that is where it should be.

I would like to see it called “Ask Nick (and his friends) Anything”…
and let some of us join the discussion.

I feel it is hard sometimes to be caught in a position with the
odds stacked against you. Sometimes your friends can say
things, on your behalf, in such a way that you would not be
willing to say about yourself.

If they don’t like that, stay on your own turf and don’t get
set-up for a trap.

I think the underlying purpose is to resuscitate their dead board. Is there any advantage to NACHI in allowing myself to be exploited for that purpose? Erol, I have no interest in silencing non-member critics so that isn’t a good reason to do it. But is there any good reason to?

Like I said, if you let several of us join you, it will resuscitate their
dead forum alright. Once you leave, the forum will go back to being
dead again. Other than the entertainment value, I don’t see where
it is going to do anything to benefit NACHI…

Should I counter with an offer to do an “Ask NACHI Anything” forum on their mb?

Your starting to get me excited… LOL…

Just tell em your bringing the whole family of wild indians with you…:mrgreen:

OK. That’s what I’ll do.

Talk about stirring the pot … your gonna make a lot of
waves ripple all over the place… it might not be pretty…
but a lot of waves… LOL.

Sounds like fun.

If James B. reads this thread… he will never get to sleep tonight just
thinking about all the things he wants to say… :slight_smile:

I’m gettin’ excited too. Let’s give them what they wantsand set the joint off!

Tell Brian that the first time he censors the forum, the deal is dead.:cool:

No, Jim…

If Brian wants to censor, he can. He needs to be just as consistant and harsh with EVERYONE, as he has been with members of this org.

I personally think he wont be able to handle it. Especially when you have the likes of a regular poster over there stating that FREA’s backing of the CMI program is a kick in the *** to the other association and its membership. He wouldnt dare censor or ban this guy…

BTW… rumor has it that this same guy was slamming my Water and Well course.

I agree, Joe.

When do the games begin, Nick?

I think silencing a kook or two is a good thing Nick. It’s an opportunity to reduce the chair throwing. :wink:

Do it Nick, but you really don’t need your cheerleaders, I know you are more than capable.

Yes, but Nick wants to have fun too…:mrgreen:

For what it is worth I currently have two controversial threads going on over at InspectionNews and there has been no censorship.

I think the URL for the old board was www.inspectionews.com and the new one is www.inspectionews.net

But I could be wrong :bandit: .