A contrarian view

Am I the only one who thinks that this whole Michael Richards episode is completely focused on the wrong person?

The guys who were heckling him were acting like [insert appropiate term of opprobrium]s. He responded in kind. Good for him!!!

That’s what President Kennedy, in an other context, referred to as “a full retaliatory response.”

Can’t take it? Tough darts. Then, don’t heckle.

Take the advice of a great American, Henny Youngman. Patient: “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” Doctor: “Don’t do that.”

No you’re not the only one Joe. I was thinking the same thing,
they’re damn lucky he didn’t throw something at them.
All this “I’m terribly sorry…I don’t know what came over me” stuff is just folding to the political correctness pressure of the press that he’s feeling,
of not calling names,
but I sure don’t agree with that…

In the video that I saw the “heckler” and his comments were not available.

Just the racist remarks by the “Comedian”. It made him to look like a real a$$hole, and a racist.

Media “Bias”?

Media “slant”?


No, you are not alone. My wife and I immediately disapproved of the media coverage. We also thought that the FOX media network should not have had to be told to stay away from O.J. Simpson.
Nothing racist - I just can’t stand rude people who are equally stupid.

Celebrities are nothing more than mythical creatures created by consultants who manipulate the press in their favor. When a celebrity is devoured, digested and excreted by the same beast that it slept with…I find an amusing irony in that.


I do not disagree with your comment - for me it does not apply to the Michael Richards incident. I have truly enjoyed his acting - no media hype - just good entertainment. He was working at a tough task. If I did not enjoy his work I would leave or pay not attention - certainly not shout out insults. Just my two cents.

In St. Louis, there is a comedy improv club that is quite popular. The tables in the front of the club are reserved specifically by folks who want to be the target of the comedians who perform. You do not choose these seats if you are thin skinned and otherwise easily offended…for you will be nailed.

Now, the comedians there who make their living out of this kind of humor will often find themselves at the other end of the spear. The good ones turn a “heckle” into a joke and turn insult into humor. What Richardson did was just the opposite, and the media that made him famous has now made him a schmuck.

Now, if he wants to work, he will most likely be asking people who drive up to his window “Would you like fries with that?” Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy, in my opinion. He is certainly not a professional.

We’ll see. Usually, it seems to improve their employment opportunities - he more than likely calculated the response from the media and did this just to get his name “out there.” He could have paid the hecklers as well? (they are actors.) I have never been to a comedy club so I do not know what their game is. Man, number 23 rated Gonzaga is beating number 2 rated UNC. Gonzaga is just across town and this community is mighty proud of them.