A few Agreement System Upgrades

Hi folks -

I’ve just made a few minor changes on the Agreement System:

  • There’s now a link to a printable version of the agreement, since some members were asking for it.

  • The graphics and user interface have been given a face-lift to match the new Nachi.org redesign.

  • We changed the phrase that reads “CLIENT HAS CAREFULLY READ…” to say “CLIENT OR CLIENT’S REPRESENTATIVE HAS CAREFULLY READ” to avoid any ambiguity related to who signs the document.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Make your own online agreements here:


Looks great Tim again.

Question, how do I get My customized agreement to be the one that gets downloaded?


Is it possible to have our logo transferred to the pdf version of the online Signed agreement?

Hi -

Do you mean as the default agreement used? You can create a custom template on this page:


And after you save it, check the button under “Default”. Then, when you create a new agreement, it will automatically start with your template. You can edit it further at that point to make it more specific for that client.

Does that answer your question?

Chris - Of course! That was an oversight on my part. I’ll put the logo in the pdf tomorrow.


Cool. I just noticed that a few days ago. I’m assuming the pdf is what the client prints for their records.

HAHA…sorry I know all that. Let me say id differently, I have a custom agreement, I named it Jims Agreement. It is checked as my defaulkt. My question is do I need to call it something else or by checking it as my default will it be the one they doenload?


Oh, sorry, I misunderstood! The “Default” option only relates to the text that initially shows up in the “Use for this Agreement:” box when you create a new agreement.

Whatever text is used on the page you enter the client’s name is the text that the client will see… it won’t change what they download no matter what the default agreement is.

This way you can change your custom agreement, and it won’t affect past agreements that have already been signed.

Does that clear it up?

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Now can someone explain to me how to take my Inachi agreement and e-mail it to client, have him sign it and email back?

This Caveman does not have a clue how that works. caveman_computer.jpg

Save the agreement in pdf, email it, have client print it out, sign it, scan it, email it back to you.

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