A few more C2s left at a great deal.


Don’t worry, the C2 isn’t being discontinued, we just only got a few in this last shipment from FLIR. We will have more coming in in a month or so.

With the C3 coming out, I assumed the C2 would be discontinued.

C3 is out… http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/flir-c3.aspx


I just placed my order for the C3. It will be nice little brother to my existing Thermal Camera.

In your opinion, are these C2’s good enough quality for a home inspection?

If your doing free thermal then yes, its good enough.

Thanks. I was actually considering doing it as a courtesy scan and to guide me toward any hidden moisture issues.

Seems to be popular with inspectors. Most buyers wouldn’t know the difference from a thermal report and a pass by picture. Keep in mind that offering free thermal is more work for you with some liability and no recompense.

Take a class if you can and then get the camera.