A Few More Seat At Toronto IR Class

There are still a few more seats available for the IR class in Toronto on Aug 15-16, 2008.

I don’t see Mario or Bill Mullen yet. Are you guys still coming to the IR class?


Save me a seat, John. I just haven’t taken time to register. I’ll do so today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the reminder.

Bill Mullen

I will personally bring a seat for you, made in Texas, and will not allow anyone to
to use it until you arrive… :mrgreen:

Texas Longhorn Chair

(It even comes with genuine Texas fleas).

I’m flattered…and itchy.

Bill Mullen

Save me a seat John, I haven’t registered but I will!

Im a new inspector starting out, and im thinking IR might be a good service to add. Im thinking of taking the course but I don’t have a camera yet.

Anybody out there able to help, or share during the class?


If Jerry B. does not need to use my camera, I don’t have a problem lending you mine, however a camera is not required to take this course.

Thanks Mario!
Let me know. I’m going sign up for the course tomorrow.

Mario, I just got back from 2 weeks in Florida today and I am getting caught up on what I missed while away. I tried to get a demo model for the class from some suppliers but it fell through. I will be at the course, I will sit to your left and Mark can sit to your right. A round is on me at the Landing Strip on Thursday night if that “seminar” is still scheduled.

I’ll be bringing my B-Cam SD along and don’t mind sharing a bit.

Bill Mullen

What more can a newbie ask for the oppurtunity to learn beside either yourself or Mario, this should be a very rewarding class. P.S. as promised some cold refreshments may be provided later.

Jerry sounds great.
Mario, again thanks.
Bill, thank you also for your offer.
And guys, I will be buying the ROUND of refreshments;)


You do not need an IR camera to take the class. You can learn about the
various options at the class and it will help you make the correct decision
when it comes time to purchase an IR camera.


I will save you a seat.