A few questions to start - who moderates the moderators?

(1) Who moderates the moderators?

(2) When is a moderator overstepping their bounds?

(3) Is defaming members and/or people accepted? More so how does it fit into the Code of Ethics and/or forum rules?

(4) Any other suggestions?

Claude this is a Monarchy organization. What they want to happen happens…what they don’t want to happen will not happen. Not trying to be mean, but get used to it. Its not YOUR organization…

Its free reign for those in power. For us peeons…well we just gotta deal with it…

Your need to silence your critics so your efforts appear to be more legitimate than what they are, while certainly understandable, are not relative to any conditions of membership.

When you introduce a topic to the message board, you do so at the risk of having your opinions challenged and your motives questioned.

It is interesting how your points wilt in the heat of debate and your cries for someone to silence says those who object to your plan to rule Canada says even more about their lack of value to the industry.

You’re not selling too many folks on the legitimacy of your intent or your program…but if there is anyone “overstepping their bounds”…it is people who are trying to enrich themselves by directly controlling an entire industry.

Licensing solves nothing.

Another free lifetime membership!!

When moderation began (Feb. 5, 2009), a seasoned and very knowledgeable HI (who by-the-way rarely posts here any longer) claimed that the chosen moderators were the ones that needed moderation!!!

Brian - no surprise. Just follow the cookie trail back to his own transgressions.

Free speech is allowed on NACHI and a person’s past usually catches up.

I am glad my mother taught me that TRUTH and HONESTY is always best.

Then we would not need to delete our post’s


Students have a right to criticize their professors
15/10/2010 10:30:00 AM
by Sameer Vasta
The University of Calgary put a student on probation after he criticized his professor online. But an Alberta court ruled that students have a right to express critical opinion. That a lawsuit had to exist in the first place, however, is patently ridiculous.


Moderators can’t “overstep their bounds” as moderators do not have admin access to edit any post (member or non-member) and can’t moderate, edit, or delete any fellow member’s posts at all. There are no moderators for members at all (other than the message board system auto deletes cuss words).

If every moderator refuses to approve a non-member’s post, it never appears. If even one moderator approves a non-member’s post, it does appear.

Again though, there is no message board moderation of member’s posts. However ESOP may just kick the member out of InterNACHI, so I guess you could look at that as a form of member moderation, but that has only happened a handful of times in our history.

And non-members can’t post in some forums and can’t access the members-only 1/2 of this message board at all, so I guess you could look at non-members having limited access as a form of non-member moderation, but non-members can post in many other forums.

Basically, non-members enjoy little protection under our Code of Ethics. Our COE 3.3 reads:

COE 3.3 doesn’t govern non-members NOR does it protect non-members.

In summary, this message board is essentially unmoderated.

I’m not a member of ESOP and ESOP never lets me in on their committee discussions. I only see their rulings when they are released to everyone, so I have no inside information. Committees run autonomously at InterNACHI.

Having said that, it appears to me that ESOP does not act very heavy handed in responding to two members who are beating the crap out of each other on the message board. IMHO, ESOP acts much like a referee at hockey game and lets the two consenting members have at it. This may be due to ESOP’s general requirement of having a formal complaint in front of them. I really don’t know for sure.

Does that help answer your questions Claude?

I was never in favor of an ESOP member being a part of the moderators group.

ESOP does not moderate the message board.

No one really moderates the message board.