A few questions

A few questions that i dont know the aswers to:

1-What are the pros and cons of not isulating the inner foundation walls (basement) all the way down to the bottom?

2-How many double pole breakers are permited in a panel?

3-How can you tell if spay foam isulation is fire rated (visualy)

4-How many beers can i drink before i fall flat on my face?:mrgreen: loll

that’s it 4 now

  1. In the event that basement walls leak or sweat leaving a bottom part of the wall uncovered can allow for water to escape rather than be traped

  2. As many as the panel will allow room for

  3. Shouldn’t all spray foam insulation be fire rated

  4. One if you dont watch where you are walking

6 Canadian Beers 14 American

Answer to number one is there are no pros.

In blue below:

Marcel, number 3, if it,s drywalled over it, does it make it fire proof…?

Fire resistant to some extend depending on type and thickness of material used.


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