A Few Small Agreement System Updates

Hi folks!

I’ve been making a few tweaks to the Agreement System we have on nachi.org. We’ve had a few people who accidentally copied spaces into the email address, which would cause a search to fail - that’s fixed! And I’ve made the error/success messages match the style used now on nachi.org.

Check it out: http://www.nachi.org/onlineagreement.htm

Let me know if you need other tweaks! Thanks for the suggestions.


Have it so we can edit the auto-message that’s sent would be nice. Then I/we could include things such as time and date of inspection.

Thanks Tim.

Hi Christopher!

We’ll talk about what we can do to edit that email. Basically, the autosend was conceived as a bare-bones notification, while if more customization was needed, it would be more convenient for you to just email the client. But I see the advantage to customizing it… I’ll bring it up in our next meeting about the agreements! Thanks for the suggestion.


I would like to have features such as being able to add headers and fieldS to ask questions like Google forms.

Hi Scott!

Right now, the system is just set up to be a contract-signing system, not an information-gathering system. We might put that functionality in a future release, but for the moment, the best way to go about gathering questions for an inspection would be to design a custom form for your website.


Excellent Suggestion Chris.