A few thoughts on the Inspector Marketing World Tour

The Inspector Marketing World Tour… What to say, what to say?

Well, if I were an old New York City Theater Critic it would probably go something along the lines of: “A masterful performance by the protagonists of this gripping reality play, with Mike Crow’s commanding presence as the no nonsense pillar of reason, yet at the same time touchingly human as everyone’s shoulder to lean on… And the ever so forceful Nathan Thornberry in the role of the relentless Young Turk, as hard on himself as he could at times be on his audience”.

And then of course the Pièce de Résistance: “… the extraordinay stage presence and sublime oratory of the Old Master himself, Nicholas Gromicko, spellbinding at every turn in his grasp of the fine nuance of the dialog and his ability to draw the audience in - deep into his realm - into a World of great promise and a gripping vision of plenty, yet somehow at every turn leaving them ever so hungry for more”. A true Tour de Force, Bravo!!!

In this critic’s mind therefore an unequivocal eighteen thumbs up. A must see, guaranteed to enchant young and old alike.

But of course as I am in fact not a New York City Theater Critic but a Home Inspector instead, what I can say in all truthfulness is something more like: “Best damn four hours I’ve spent in current memory…” and add that: “I do in fact feel considerably more comfortable right now with regard to my future business prospects than I did last night before the start of the show”.

In closing and with all seriousness… My opinion: Do attend as you would truly be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t.

So, well done InterNACHI et al, personally I’ll be back for the next one.

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