A first for me today

Nevermind. Post got shiit on

The 240 light look dim compared to 120 volt light. Did you check it with a multi-meter?

A wiggy might be a better choice.

You’re showing your age mentioning a Wiggy. :cool:

The 240 light was closer to the camera flash. I checked both ways: 120 at each leg and 240 combined. I get 240 from the left slot to ground and 120 from between the left and right slots. They wired the grounded socket to hot. That neon tester is rock solid reliable. If there was any doubt I would have pinned it from my Fluke meter.

If you’re referring to the L slot I think that you meant left slot to neutral as shown in your photo.

Yes I am but a multi meter is not a substitute. :wink:

The slot that is supposed to be connected to the grounded conductor as opposed to the equipment ground. You may refer to it as the neutral if you wish.

There was 240v potential between the left slot and the L slot.

Anything else you wish to question? Would you like to say that the receptacle is not miswired?

You said left slot to ground not me. Guess that you didn’t read the part that I had bolded. Obviously the receptacle is miswired but you already knew that. :roll:

Maybe your bulb is dim. Your questioning seems pointless - obviously the receptacle IS miswired as I indicated in the opening post, which you also acknowledge and which was the relevant point to begin with.

All I did was point out that your post had a mistake, most of us would take the high road and say thanks for pointing out the error and move on.

For the benefit of those who are following along and trying to learn something the information provided should be accurate. I would gladly correct one of my posts if I stated something that is incorrect for the benefit of others.

Please do point out the error in my original post, where you came up with the ridiculous dim bulb comment.

I never cared for those little neon testers the one that I have in my bag has pins that are to short to reach in most dryer and cook stove outlets.

I like the wiggy also;-)

BTW chuck that was a good catch but no need to be so defensive

All electrician,s I saw never relied on a neon tester, all used a Wiggy

I agree this was an excellent find. Kudos to Chuck for finding it. :cool:

LOL…seemed like a pretty calm thread to me Chuck…:wink: