A first for me.

While inspecting a ‘new’ home yesterday, I noticed a bathroom exhaust duct that had been pulled apart in the attic. I took a picture but had not reviewed it until today. Look what I saw posing for the photo !!

ECI 070.jpg

HAHA …looks like you found his run.
Whats with the yellow cord?

You are lucky, that’s their attack stance. One wrong move…


I guess they don’t have Romex in Chicago? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

LOL No, that’s conduit country up there, you might come up missing if you installed any other way. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that ‘yellow cord’ is Romex - sorry, no conduit in GA attics, only resident squirrels.

Bob, you need to come out to the sub-burbs more often. :wink:

Essentially a rat with a cute tail!!

nice surprise… for both of you!

Yeah - and I had just finished telling the client that all the unscreened openings in the soffit area could allow the instrusion of insects, vermin, etc.

That cute… Made me laugh. Frank, can I use that Pic? ( Ill give photo credits to you.)

Sure, be my guest; I’ll even email you a larger version, if desired.

I’ll send this guy over from today’s inspection to help out!

Don’t send him - we have more than enough to go around in GA already !!

I’m thinking i’d have left marks leaving that crawl !!!:roll:

The little rats are kinda cute…but the snakes, thats all together different. Get on outta here…

I’m firstly glad to be inspecting up here because we don’t have that many crawlspaces and, secondly, nothing really poisonous up here except too much of your favourite booze@~~#@~ HEYWHERE’STHATEXCLAMATION POIT!!!aha!