A first for me!

I had a home inspection last week…900 sqft alot of weekend warrior work observed took between 3-4hrs for inspection and presentation. Here’s where it got ugly…the buyer was a real estate agent, after an hour and a half she was noticeably impatient. I just kept on going about my business…her foot was tapping,…her leg was going up and down as she sat…constant sighs…then she said it “What’s taking so long?” I said it says on my website my inspections take 2-4 hrs and you will recieve your report within 24hrs…“what I don’t get a report today” No, I am sorry you will be presented with my findings and recieve a full report tomorrow asap.

Angrily she walked away and said “MY GUY is done in 1 1/2 hrs presented and printed on the spot”
My response was You shouldn’t have a “GUY” for one thing and if it only took him 1 1/2 to inspect a 5000sq ft home, present and print onsite…did he even look? or was the inspection report already done before he even saw the house?
Just sharing a bad experience, but I know she was impressed when I presented the report and was actually a bit humble.
Further evidence of a realtor not representing a buyers best interest, which in this case was her!
Show me the money is a realtors first interest, a hard pattern to break!:twisted:

Her guy must have been in court that day so he couldnt do it lolol

Good one.:slight_smile:
Just got a call from an Agent that has referred me several times and asked if it would take over two hours.
So far they have always been multi unit 2 or 3 flats so I was surprised to hear the question but she needs to pick up her daughter I suggested an earlier start.

We have a few of those home inspectors around here in Quebec, that come in with a secretarial assistant, they speak fast without pausing about the perfect house in a perfect environment, they come in with talkies, printer and laptop they write and leave the report on the spot.:slight_smile:

Their clients don’t seem pleased with this kind of work. Good for us at NACHI.

Beauchemin, Marc-Andre
BMAinspection.com :slight_smile:

Well, I find a different story and one that I tend to do well with.

I am the guy who comes in with at least 3 other people, walkie talkies and have 5 computers in a mobile office equipped with coffee maker and snacks.

Why? Because it fills a gap. Thats what business is all about. Many of you can keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Talk about how great you are. All the schools and accolades you have received and in the end…what does it really get you? For many, not much.

I have no idea when people will spend the equal amount of time between education and marketing. Sure, make a business card, a flyer and letter your vehicle. WOW, who would ever think of doing those things?

If your not filling a need that others neglect, your one in a million and will get the same market share as those of similar offerings.

Please keep laughing at those who do things differently. These people are going to succeed and those who try to compete on others ‘turf’ will become lost and labeled a follower.

It only takes me about an average of 1.5 hours to complete a typical 2300 sq foot inspection with mold, radon and termite here. Remember the houses are typically newer 1990’s and above and no basements. But thats the ENTIRE report DONE. So you can say, “Wow, thats a rip off it would have taken me 3-4 hours”. It is then I explain to the client it is YOU that is ripping them off because what took you ONLY 3-4 hours took us 6 man hours!

So they got a better product, faster and yet with more attention to the house in man hours and the job is DONE with no waiting.

After about 1.5 hours people get restless and are sick of standing around.

Take ANYTHING you purchase as a service. Lets say your getting a car tires changed. While sitting in the waiting room one asks if you want a refreshment while the others removeing the tires and replacing them. Each one grabbing a tire and doing their thing and you get a superior tire backed with a satisfaction gaurentee. In 15 minutes the tires are installed the car is back on the lot and you are ready to go but it cost just a few more dollars. Which would you choose? This or the old typical one guy way? So now think of 100’s of people getting their tires done the NEW way and then for some reason they have to use the old way of one guy. Man, they sure do appreciate the team effort, its value, its detailed oriented, full of professionalism and respects my time (because time is a commodity to people). I bet they come running back to the team effort the next chance they get and try to never go back.

I see time and time again people asking for opinions and yet the one opinion they never ask is the CLIENTS. If in every business decision you make the ONLY question that needs to guide you should be “What best serves my client!”. Nothing else matters.

Want proof?..look at NACHI…

Hi Russel,I guess that is part of the problem you say that you have several people working on one job…at what cost? You have to compare apples to apples. Almost every home in Canada has a basement/crawlspace so add on an hour. I don’t care if you have 3 people helping you because you still have to observe and compile the information. I am sure that I would not be charging the same amount as you did. You have chosen to go big and not stay at home…whatever works!
Most guys here work alone or have one person with them.

My b**** is the 1 (one) inspector that walks in with his PDA and his pre defined observations through the house in 45 minutes presents and prints in an hour and a half. This guy is not representing his clients but his wallet! I don’t care who any inspector is YOU HAVE TO LOOK. I guess that is why so many inspectors in the US that I have read about on this forum get sued. JMO
The 3-4 hours that you say is a rip off …i also go home annotate and manage all my narrations carefully…at least another couple hours and upload the report. Never had a complaint only accolades about my findings …not bragging just doing what I am getting paid for IMO.

My whole story was about the Realtor and her attitude not the process. :wink:

S**T happens! Professional Inspectors, as we are, should be immune to that, like water off a duck!

I don’t worry about my client’s psychological shortcomings and concentrate on doing the best job I can!


I agree Giles, this was just my first experience with a realtor as a purchaser and who the hell do these used house salepeople think they are anyway. I guess that i was just looking for comparative circumstances. :wink:
Over it now I have moved on!

I agree with you but most are one man operation .

Russell Scot is right.
Apples to Apples Rus.
You have been here sense 2008 and good to go with 1.5 hours and written narratives that are pre-made of you are so use to the grind its like aduck to water.
In Canada most homes have basements.
I use to spend 1 hour doing my visual estimates for chimney and facade repair while others come and go in 5 minutes and through a number at the client.
So apples to Apples is nice.
Roy Cooke is having a group inspection April 2nd in Ontario.
You sould go. He notes from his experiences that new home inspectors outpreform older inspectors with defects. But its the other way around when it comes to narratives.
I think that the narrative should be as simple as the client can absorb.
Good work Scot.
Get ready to have more impatient agents.

Russel, you need some reading comprehension before you pat yourself on the back too much.

Scot was talking about ONE guy doing the inspection in 1.5 hours. You were talking about FOUR guys doing one inspection in 1.5 hours. Not much of a comparison.

Touché. But he talks of a 900 sq. foot house then compares it to a 5000 sq. foot house. Reading comprehension is difficult huh?

Russel I am learning to take my time when reading now.
Scot is also a friend and I know he will be great once he toughens his skin to agents that use new inspectors. They ether want something left-out, a soft-report to make a buck,or maybe they are new themselves.
What we are home inspector and agents; trying to make a name for our selves and having to go through a lot of second hand car sales people to find the good ones that want to work with us.
You read that right. Some are the same as second hand car sales men. Agents and HI,S

1.5 hr X 4 mans = 6 man hours for 5000 sq ft = 1 MH per 833.33 Sq ft as opposed to 1.5 MH for 500 sq ft or 1 MH per 333.33 Sq ft.
Not only do U have to read U have to calculate!

Be nice Vern.
He was using my calculator. HA HA.

OK, but who said anything about 1.5 hours and 5000 sq. feet? Math good, reading not so good.

Post #11 Erby said 4 guys on the house.
You are just pulling our legs hopefully , Right Russell.:roll:

Actually there is a guy advertising in Quebec, I will get his web-page if you want, that says 4 hours is normal for a normal home.
Not 1.5 to 2.5 hours but 4.
I find it a bit strange. I have done a HI in 2 hours. Not a big deal.
He is advertised to teaching individuals to do inspections.
It took awhile for me to get the drift he was a HI and not just helping the community understand HI.
So 1.5 hour HI would make this Guy cringe.:twisted:

duplicate oops!

Russel my whole point was that it is impossible for one guy to inspect 900sq ft and a crawlspace where there were allot of defects… present their findings, annotate, and print out a copy of the report in 90 minutes. Her GUYwould have to be blind in one eye and couldn`t see out the other!! :shock:
The reference to the 5000sq. ft home was that she said it would take him the same amount of time as the 900sq ft! Really!! Must have attended Helen Keller Home Inspection school! :roll: