A first! Paige Peters both stars and edits this Report Host episode of NACHI.TV.


I did not get to meet Paige while in Colrado…I did find Valarie rather hot so I have no problem watching either of them on NACHI.TV:wink:

Horny bastard!!!:mrgreen:

No web based report writing for me. Privacy issue. I have, and will continue to use, my own Excel reports that I wrote myself. Brokers and agents love the combo check list/narritives on all pages. Companies hawking their software/sites are only in it for the money; not us. Any software you purchase has under-lying programming that will shoot it off to their company if you send it via internet. Careful out there.

you go girl!

lol…well YOU look at her and say that…

… and don’t even ask her what her shirt spells :roll:.

I’m sorry Nick…I was not looking at her shirt in that picture…Honestly !

Wait…I think it spelled…“Please take me back to Virginia with you Paul” but I think i may be mistaken.

So are you saying that if we email our reports, every software will send a copy to the software co?

Why would you care if the software company gets a copy?

I just find Gary’s claim hard to believe.

Better question would be, why would the SW co want it?

I think if every report written with HIP was sent to the mother ship, Dominic would be quickly out of server space. :slight_smile: