A Fun One! - Your guesses at cracks

So i thought this would be a fun one! This is new construction, roughly a year or so old at this point. I’ve got opinions on all these cracks, and foresaw them coming at the time of the inspection (although they weren’t there at the time).

I’d love to see if just by looking at these photos what your suspected causes are. This was a nearly 2 million dollar home, brand new it had just about everything that could be wrong with it, wrong with it. Honestly surprised the buyers went through. Anyways, here we are:


That is some CRAP workmanship!!


2 million dollars worth of it!


I am biting my tongue on this one. :grimacing:


Minnetonka, I’m sure you’re familiar with it :wink: Yeah, when i first inspected it prior to anyone living there, there were receptacles practically falling out of their boxes, cabinet doors that couldn’t open because they hit adjacent door hinges to bathrooms, oh and not a casement window in the place that could open properly.

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The house is moving, the mud froze before it cured or they didn’t use any tape. My three guesses.

House is definitely moving, anything else? Here’s a few more for ya.


I Inspected this back in June of 2020 and it was a 2019 build, these weren’t there then yet.

They used finish nails to hang the rock :grin:

The tile and grout was done by an amateur, and maybe truss uplift

This is the key word.


Lumber had high moisture content at construction and then it dried out over time or they didn’t fill large drywall joints with compound prior to taping. Another couple of possibilities.

¡Qué trabajo! … mierda!