A Furnace First For Me

Anyone else seen this?



That is a rented system.

I only see that kind of stuff on water softeners.

Nope, nobody rents furnaces up here.

Sounds like BS.

They may do this if the furnace is delivered to a home being built to deture thiefs but i would not think there as any thing in the furnace

I wonder if it a contractors unit - used to provide temporary heat during construction. I’ve seen that done before, but this brought back that memory.

Perhaps left for good.

Never seen anything like it. May be a creative self security-anti theft program.

People are renting everything now. How do you think Rent-a-center is still around. I have seen solar panels, water heaters and furnaces as well.

I see it all the time on the commercial side. They rent cooling towers, chillers etc.

I need to put those signs on my flashlights. They always seem to disappear.