A Great Battle Took Place Here

Hey guys, I’ve recently started blogging and as you saw, one of my blog posts got featured by Angie’s List and 6 have been features on Active Rain.

Here is one of my posts that has been featured. Getting your articles and posts featured is great for publicity.

A Great Battle Took Place Here

I wondered why

Yeah, those things do make the job fun, seeing weird things others never get to see. :slight_smile:

Blogging has been my main Internet presence since July 2007, first at ActiveRain and now on my own web sites.

Good stuff, Juan. This one had me puzzled. I just kept wondering “what is down here that killed the snake?” Another snake would have eaten it.

860 McClellan Hwy 083.JPG

Now that is a sweet photo

That one didn’t scare me, but I HATE SPIDERS! That’s why I charge extra for crawlspace!

I’ve seen some big, hairy, nasty ones down there!

I was in one a couple years back that was a bright white plastic moisture barrier. I could see about 100 wolf spiders moving around at any one time- almost looked like the floor was moving. I will never forget it

I think I would disclaim the crawlspace!