A Great Deal- Book on AFCI,GFCI and Etc.

Great Book about GFCIs, AFCIs, and Similar Devices

The third edition of Earl Robert’s Overcurrents and Undercurrents, with the subtitle of " All about GFCIs, AFCIs, and Similar Devices", has been revised to include the latest technology related to GFCIs, AFCIs, GFP, and the newest member of the “alphabet soup”, the LCDI.

Containing 190 pages and 45 illustrations, the book is a history of electrical shock and electrical fire protection progress. It begins with the work of Ben Franklin and Tom Edison, and proceeds through chapters on Fuses and Circuit Breakers, Grounding Practices in North America, European Grounding Practices and Systems, The Effects of Current on the Human Body, International RCD Developments, The Evolution of GFCIs, GFP, AFCIs, and many other products. The book is spiral-bound for easy use.

The Book records the progress of the requirements for these products through the National Electrical Code process right through the 2005 Edition of the NEC. The author takes a shot at predicting the future for these products and for electrical safety.

A chapter for the Definition of Terms, a Bibliography, and a section on World Electrical Supply Systems are included.

The book was recently selected by Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine (EC&M), as the Book of the Month.

As a special promotion, for the next 5 business days (3/27/07 – 4/3/07) you can purchase this textbook for $15, which includes shipping. Normally $25, that gives you a savings of over 40%!

Beginning 4/4/07 through 5/16/07 you can purchase this textbook for $15, plus $6 shipping, or a total of $21, for a savings of 30%.

To order, please send a check along with the address for where to ship to:
Earl W. Roberts, Reptec1@aol.com
1722 West Dalehaven Circle
Tucson, AZ 85704
Phone and FAX: 520-742-9870
Cell: 860-287-1680

Mike Holt Comment: There are so many common questions associated with overcurrent production that this book can answer, it’s a must have for your personal library. Earl Roberts is a good friend of mine, and it is only because of this personal relationship that he is willing to extend this amazing offer. Don’t pass it up…you won’t regret it.

Just finished talking with Earl. He is swamped with orders so just be patient. He does NOT have a paypal link and requests that you just send a check along with your mailing address. He is expecting another shipment of books in the next day or so.