A great NACHI Story

Thanks for all . Roy Cooke sr

Yep- pretty wild - we get a whole bunch of those stories now at our optional new Home Page:

Kimberly -

You go, girl!

Actually, the original story in the Frederick News-Post was even better.


I get a pitzza story Mark, Have they done you wrong .

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Published on July 4, 2006



[RIGHT]Photo by Travis Pratt [/RIGHT]
Matt Walters of Lintini’s Pizzeria tosses a pie at the new Whittier Drive location.


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Pizza shop owner opens second location FREDERICK — The owner of a pizza shop on Thomas Johnson Drive has opened a second location in Whittier. Larry Linton, owner of Lintini’s Pizzeria, has been in business 16 years. Mr. Linton opened his restaurant in the James Gang Pizzeria location at 193-C Thomas Johnson Drive on June 4, 1990, and changed the name in October

Sorry about that Roy and everyone else, looks like the story was moved and archived since I originally posted it.

Here’s the link to the original story about Kim Gore in the Frederick New-Post. (or at least I hope it’s the link this time) And just for the record, I’ve got nothing against the pizza guy!