A great package deal to join NACHI through Certified NACHI Store.


I really have a problem with this type of promotional. Someone the company never has met or had any business with is offered $623.75 worth of stuff for $262.90, while the rest of us who have paid our dues ($289.00 every year) get–??

Oh, yeah–for being a NACHI member we get to pay for all that stuff!!

I took this issue to my bank–and got the goodies they were offering new accounts.
I did the same with other organizations which offered new inductees more than they did the faithful who have been “paying the bills”–and received the good stuff.

Will that happen here? I like NACHI–I support NACHI–I defend NACHI–but the new guy “gets the girl” while I just sort of fade off into the sunset (but, of course, I get to kiss the horse).

sniff sniff


I will give you and anyone else the same offer except for the membership. That is the deal I have with NACHI. Free membership for Non-members only.

But, you can still get the free tyvek suit and 22 free Environmental booklets with your first order of our Inspection Presentation Kits.

Just call our toll free number, 1-877-661-0301, or email me and we will get you the free stuff.

Now we’re gettin’ it together–my order is on the way!

Hi Jae,

I don’t think I’ve seen your order!

Let me know if there is something I can do to help.