a great view from the "office"

Hi to all,

a view from one of todays roofs (18 floors up)



IMG_0527 (Small).jpg

Kewl 8) How do they get those buildings to float?

Hey, you silly Brit. At the same time you were gazing out over the water I was probably staring up at this. In California we’ve got it all. It’s the gold rush all over again; mold is gold. (I’d like to brag that I lobbed a grenade through the door and ran for cover, but that wouldn’t be true). Was good to see you again. Take care, me old mate.

mold 071 (Small).jpg

Gerry, You must have one hell of a ladder

He floated up, and I won’t say how or why.

Too many private emails asking how Gerry does what he does, so I’ll tell you. Besides being an exemplary teacher for NACHI, he walks on water and has mastered the art of levitation. My guess, is he floated up to enjoy the view and have a ciggy.

Helium-filled balloons…

Jae, I think Gerry is trying to make believe he was inspecting a roof, and was actually on his Penthouse Balcony for R&R and sharing the view to the exterior and keeping the interior to himself. ha. ha.

Marcel :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :wink:

Come on Keith surly you must remember the English football song about what floats on water

BTW Keith congrats on the mold reporting software looks nice.

I don’t think Keith is so “surly”…:roll: :roll: :roll:


I don’t see how you can live with yourself, charging as much as you do for those Commercial Inspections and showing off scenery like that…
and from the 18th floor roof.

I bet it was probably mid 80’s, and there were sunbathers on the roof too.

Have Fun

Not so Keith. Being full of Hot Air does not qualify one for being a Master of Levitation. Then again…:mrgreen:

Cmon Electrical Guru…here is your chance for a cheap payback shot…

Can’t inspect this roof today.


Gerry drinks ALOT of " Red Bull "…it gives him WINGS

Hi Marcel,

I had to shovel the sunshine of this one before I could inspect it :mrgreen:

IMG_0321 (Small).jpg



IMG_0321 (Small).jpg

Hey mate,
you bumb! while we are shoveling out from a foot of snow!

wish I was there