A Great Way To Start The Day

Man does it feel good to read these types of Reviews.:slight_smile:

Haven’t logged into my Angies list account until this morning as I just got another request for a quote. I saw my last Angies list inspections review. This guy is a very High Profile Doctor at a local hospital around here.

*"Description Of Work: *
We had a home inspection after we had moved in. We had recently purchased a new home and were having problems with it early on. Problems that we definitely had not anticipated. We hired Jim to do a second home inspection.

*Member Comments: *
The experience was great. Jim was excellent. He pointed out things that we needed to do immediately and things that we could fix over time. He helped point us in the direction of how to save the most money. I felt much more comfortable with Jim’s walk thru. He’s very well trained, honest and an all around good person. This was my fourth home purchase, and by best home inspection by far. I would recommend Maryland Home Inspection Services without reservation"

That makes for a nice day today.


Nice, Good for you

Thanks Roy, it definitely put a smile on my face.:cool:


Yes I like high profile Clients. They seem to have the most respect for the work you need to do.

I agree completely, and not to mention since they are also professionals in their fields they respect us as professionals in ours and also I find they don’t mind paying a premium for a premium service. This particular client is the Head of the wound care center at a well known hospital and also has his private practice and is a well known surgeon. Since his inspection he gas begun spreading my name around to his colleagues…:wink: Also his agent who is a pretty big Broker at a national firm was also very happy and has asked me for a Box of cards as well as invited me to sit in on their next office meeting.


I did an inspection for the Purdue baseball coach a couple months ago and he has passed my name on to about 6 people already.

How about Lawyers James!!!
I tell you I was crapping bricks hoping I was not set up. Last one I did, did not buy the Home I Inspected and was very disappointed that the Real Estate Agent did not make the appointment.
Turned out it was a POS but he wanted to know what needed to be done because it was a perfect location for him.

Ahh yes Lawyers, another fantastic crowd to get in close with…


Good job!

Angie’s list has apps an ways to get reviews.

Have one on review on there but never pushed for it as I have no idea if they got to spend $50 to join so they can put one in.

Worth looking into when time .