A Happy Day For Me

Well I am very excited today as the mail just arrived and a special package came. My new Commonwealth of Virginia License !!! Yuppers, that’s right I am now expanding our Home Inspection services to include the state of Virginia. This now completes our Maryland, DC and Virginia Home Inspection coverage.:wink:


With the size of those States I would recommend all of the east coast:D:D;-)

Good for you James/ Congrats on the expansion!

An after thought you might consider something I saw today about Life in general its not about waiting out the storm its about learning to dance in the rain:D:D

Charley, believe me there is plenty of biz here. The reason I did this was since I live on the line of all 3 I get asked and need to be able to accommodate all that insist on my services…:cool:

Jeffrey, Thanks Bro !!:wink:

Charley, Trust me I don’t wait, *(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P7EkR8UjFs&feature=related):shock:


Great, another yankee in the state.
Just kidding; congrats Jim.
A little info for you. The state just passed a Mold Licensing law, and a home energy audit regulation (or they are very close to passing this new law). The home energy audit regs are enforced by the contractors licensing board (of all places, no conflict there).

James, Congrats on the expansion!!! And good luck.

Gary Oleski

Hey Jamie, I did hear about that, crazy. Hey no worries I’m staying up in Northern VA close to home.:wink:

Gary, Thanks a bunch.


James there is nothing in this world that starts without a vision. Great job and congrats! Working on ways to better serve clients will only lead to business growth.

Get it done, Jim!

Good for you Jim. Pretty soon you’ll be hiring an assistant just to keep up. :stuck_out_tongue: