A heads up, just in case

Just another heads up about a misleading phone call I just got. The phone message sounded like a legitimate request to book an inspection. I missed one word at the end which sounded like the town the property was in. The guy (heavy accent) was asking if I do radon and water testing along with a general inspection. He was hoping I would call back by midday tomorrow. When I got him back on the phone, I soon realized that he was selling me on his company (the town he wants an inspection in is apparently called Webware). I firmly told him I do not do business with such companies, especially when they try to trick me into calling back. As I was hanging up, I could hear him desperately telling me that they are not like HomeAdvisor. He even tried calling me right back. I guess I won’t be buying that pony I’ve been saving up for after all.

Share the phone number so we can all BLOCK it.
(Be sure to separate the numbers so they get no SEO from the post).

Once the word go out that home inspectors were willing to trade profits for gimmicks… well you know how it ends.

The number is 6 4 6 8 3 2 3 1 8 5.

I blocked that one back in November when they wouldn’t quit calling. Never did answer their call. Same number.

I blocked that very number awhile back as well. They also have called with the phone indicating a local number. At first it was a guy and lately it’s been a woman. Even though the numbers (NY and CO both) they still leave voicemails. Same script, different day type of thing.

Thanks. That one was not previously blocked out of the half dozen or so a day that I regularly block.
The suk is the frequent SPOOFING of numbers. Makes it difficult (but not entirely impossible) to identify them before answering them. If everyone that posts about a specific dirtbag also posted the number shown on CID, it would help us to weed out these calls.

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I have this contact named Shit, it has a 2 minute silent ringer then auto to voicemail, it contains hundreds of numbers which are all blocked going back a very long time, don’t know if there is a limit to the numbers you can associate with a single contact, but I haven’t reached my limit yet and when that happens I can always create a new one called Shit1.


I’m stealing this idea.