A home inspector walks up to the cash bar at an ASHI event.

A home inspector goes up to the cash bar at an ASHI event. The bar is being manned by the ASHI president. The inspector asks for a beer. The ASHI president says: “That will be ten dollars please.” The inspector replies: “Ten dollars? Why is everything at ASHI so expensive when everything at InterNACHI is free?” The ASHI president replies: “Well, it’s actually five dollars for the beer, and five dollars for our Washington, D.C. lobbyist.” The inspector replies: “But doesn’t ASHI know? Home inspection legislation is handled at the state level. ASHI is just taking my money for nothing.” The ASHI president says “Too bad. It’s still five dollars for the beer and five dollars for the lobbyist, so it’s ten dollars please.” The inspector reluctantly hands the ASHI president his ten dollars. The ASHI president then gives him back five dollars and says: “We’re out of beer.”


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Nothing turns me off faster than when someone tries to build themselves up by knocking someone else down. If you spent half the energy energy promoting InterNACHI to the real estate market (home buyers, Realtors, etc.) as you do dumping on ASHI, maybe it would actually surprise me that I have gotten four inspections from people who found me on the ASHI web site as opposed to the zero that have found me through InterNACHI’s site.

ASHI has worked long and hard to gain industry recognition. They did this through hard work, not by bashing others. Perhaps you should take a cue from that.

As for “everything” at InterNACHI being “free”, that’s simply untrue. If that were the case, no one would pay dues to be a member, would they?

If you want to talk about why InterNACHI is so great, I’m all ears. I value my InterNACHI membership, the educational opportunities, and the robust forum. I would like to see you, as its leader, rise above this kind of petty sniping.

I couldn’t agree more.

Careful, you just might force another “Dual Membership” ban with that kinda talk!!

Same here. That’s why I didn’t waste my time reading Nick’s joke.

Oh no! :shock::stuck_out_tongue:

Alan, if you don’t find my little joke funny, you really aren’t going to find the federal countersuit we filed against ASHI very funny. A joke on a message board is nothing in comparison.

Maybe it would be a good thing! Being a member of two rivals seem like a conflict of interest to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Something new, or something I’ve read already?

The members pay the associations. The associations serve the members, not the other way around.

Seems like a really silly assertion to me. So how would being a member of two associations constitute a conflict of interest for the inspector?

I was joking Chuck! I really care less how many associations someone is a member of! :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess it would be a little different if the associations were paying the members. More of a conflict there. As for other associations, I use to be a member of CAHPI as well. However, the expenses added up fast, so had to give them the boot! :slight_smile:

In my opinion the more association you can join, the merrier.

It’s a joke, have we gotten to the point where have to debate jokes? If it offends you substitute ASHI president with Democrat and instead of them returning the $5 to you they give it to your lazy brother in law.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

:oops: Missed the sarcasm, totally.

You can switch the ASHI president with Trump and instead of them returning the $5.00 they give it to the Trump Foundation, if it bothers you.

Looks like you hit a ‘sore spot’ there John. The D-Range’d one took it a bit personal! :razz:

I really think ASHI members need to go to a safe place for Nick’s jokes do not offend them.

At least Nick is not claiming he is making money by testifying in court against home inspectors unlike the ASHI President is. What I find incredible is ASHI encourages inspectors to perform inspections without them passing a test of knowledge, then it looks like the ASHI President is making money testifying against these members. The money seems to always stay in the ASHI leaderships hands one way or another.

I am not offended, just disappointed.

If it were just this joke, you would have a point. My point is that Nick spends a great deal of time pursuing ASHI in court and disparaging them on this forum. It makes him look petty when in fact he is, IMO, a titan in the industry. He is devoting time, attention, and resources to attacking ASHI, robbing from the time, attention, and resources he could direct toward building InterNACHI’s reputation in the real estate industry.

It’s Nick’s business, and I’m grateful for what he has done. I just think it would serve him and us better if he weren’t so focused on trashing ASHI.