A huge inspection industry milestone was achieved today!

InterNACHI’s inspection message board just got its 50,000th registered inspector. These are inspectors who took the time to fill out the registration form and register to use InterNACHI’s message board.

Other amazing statistics regarding InterNACHI’s inspection message board as of January 26, 2016:

  • Number of registered users: 50,000.
  • Number of all users: 21,865,823.
  • Most number of users on at one time: 36,742 (Jan 19, 2016).
  • Number of threads: 106,455.
  • Number of posts: 1,414,089.

Is there any other type on the planet even close.

The traffic has played havoc with our I.T. Department as of late. We had to upgrade to better/faster servers to handle all the traffic on this message board.

Switching servers for InterNACHI is much like changing the engine of a car while it is still being driven.

Another example of why joining InterNACHI was the right decision!

How many home inspectors are there in north America?

I have been watching. Guess I called it pretty close.

and to clarify, was just speaking about the members only inspection discussion section in the forum.

InterNACHI currently has 14,800 members in North America and growing.


very nice


And to think you didn’t even have to do this by begging people to post and having trinket giveaways on a regular basis to earn posting point, and other dumb stunts like another bulletin board out there! :roll:

Great job Nick et al! :slight_smile: