A "huge" tarantula in a crawlspace

Wouldn’t it be great if the NACHI website had a keword search box to quickly get info your inquiring about?? Does anyone agree?? Just maybe if enough people post, someone thats really good with computers over @ NACHI could make this dream a reality. My callused index finger cannot take much more of the mouse scrolling everytime I visit…

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Joshua L. Frederick
ASPEC Residential Services, LLC
Defiance, OH

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Go to the “Whats New” page (or pretty much any page other than the Message Board page), be sure you are logged in, and then look under the “Find an Inspector” area on the top left and you should see “Search NACHI.Org”.

Thank you!!

It would be super nice if this site was well cataloged, especially the educational and marketing materials, so that finding what you need would be a cinch. Doing natural searches is a real pain sometimes!

Try this"

NACHI Toolbar

The “NACHI Mall” is a pretty good start isn’t it?

Menu works well on my machine :wink:
What are you having a problem finding and where is the spider in the crawlspace? :roll: