A Humble little Abode

23 stories above the Baltimore harbor, 2 levels, 5000 sq. ft. with a large terrace.
Heck, I dawdled through this inspection.
Main residence in Virginia on a farm and another place on some Key in Florida.

Looks like you had a sky high easy one Tom. :slight_smile:

You didn’t forget the exterior, did you?:wink:

It was an easy one but both the client and I had concerns about the HVAC cooling that glass room properly.
100 degree day it turns into a terrarium if the cooling isn’t right.
I recommended load calculations for that.

I noticed the duct work when I opened the pic.

Fantastic view for one thing.

Hopefully this curtain wall system has got Low-E and high efficiency tinted reflective glass and properly sized cooling and heating system design.

Otherwise, it would make a very scenic sauna. :wink:

Yup, and it’s never been occupied so no previous residents would have been parboiled and complained about it.

Very cool.

I would have a problem living there. I can walk all manor of roofs and get into even the tightest crawls but I HATE elevators and I couldn’t walk up all those stairs every day. I am much to lazy for that.

People are so funny. :slight_smile: