A.I.I. and NACHI are going to attempt to hold joint chapter meetings.

We’re going to try in California first and see how it goes.

Great idea nice to see two associations cooperating with each other hope it goes well for all

… Cookie

A.I.I. and NACHI have worked well together for years. I hope we can start holding joint meetings.

What’s A.I.I.?

A little association out of Oregon. I was a speaker at their convention last year. Very into education and nice fellas.

We have a local association, Piedmont Association of Home Inspectors

We have PAHI members that are also NACHI or A$HI and we all get along fine.

My mentor when I first got into this business is/was Bill Ball, who founded AII. A great guy who has alot of history and knowledge about the HI business.

I have the utmost respect for the members of that organization and still review the training materials I got way back when I started. As Nick said, they are into training and providing quality inspections. I think the biggest difference is/was Nick’s vision regarding growing NACHI into the largest organization in the industry and the group power that provides.

Hope you can pull it off Nick.

Bill is a friend of mine and he wrote a great book on how to inspect. Most detailed book I’ve ever read, it is basically an SOP that tells one HOW to inspect exactly.

Bill is also the Founder of A.I.I. and a NACHI member.