A joint snail mailing from Liberty Mutual and InterNACHI may be in your mailbox...

… next week. It is an InterNACHI-exclusive offer from Liberty Mutual. Your mailing address was kept confidential.

How about a few more details Nick ??:cool:


I wonder how much he gets for the mailing address’s. People pay big money for that info…

InterNACHI doesn’t sell mailing lists. We did a joint venture with them. My name signature is on the Liberty Mutual letter being mailed.

Did I authorize you to use my information to a third party?

Nope. We have and always will partner with “third parties” if that is what is required to provide a particular deal for our members. The reasoninig for this joint venture with Liberty Mutual is obvious as InterNACHI is not licensed to offer insurance products/discounts. Visit www.InspectorMall.com for more offers.

So, you just distribute my private information with anyone you want to?

It isn’t “distributed.” Your mailing address is kept confidential. The Liberty Mutual letter is from me.