A Liar......with a Testimonial

You cannot blame the carpetbagger for getting anxious for a Missouri licensing law that will mandate students for a class that, presently, no one feels is worth attending.

But what about the moronic “Jeffrey T.”?

I wonder who he paid for his license?

It will not be long before you will need a license to get a license. You will need a passport to go anywhere. The feds will tax everything; sugar, gas, food, clothes, health care, tires, you name it. Perhaps, home inspections, too. He just wants to be the first, like Tom Lahon here in Kansas. Everyone wants a piece of the action. The only thing that these teachers do not realize is that there is no business out there. Over 30,000 homes for sale in the KC area alone are not selling. Two homes across the street from me have been for sale for two years. They were built in 2002. There is no money flowing in Kansas. If the boards in Missouri and Kansas are expecting to make money, they are the ones who are stupid.

This school is the leading provider of education to Missouri Realtors, go figure.

As a former MO Realtor myself, I can unequivocally state… No they aren’t. They are nobody…

My girlfriend is a Realtor and that is where she gets her online education from. The lady that travels and teaches the regular classes lives in Columbia. I belong to the local board of education for Realtors. Every year some of our funding goes to them. Sad but true.

WOW! I stand corrected… Around here there is plenty of training available right at the Board of Realtors and at several “schools” for some of the larger agencies.

It gets worse the more rural you get. The Audrain Board of Realtors puts on no education events from what I hear, and the they do not even have an office. Some lady takes care of everything out of her home. When they hold a meeting it is at a Golden Corral or Ponderosa or someplace like that. Sad but true.

I have had lenders send me to some really rural places. I had one Realtor fascinated with my tablet computer. He claimed he never say one before but heard about them before; he also walk in to the house with some cow crap on his boots. I take it he does not go to town much. :wink:

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